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For the longest time, Malaysians have enjoyed the presence of the iconic Yellow Gas Cylinders in their homes. While this cylinder continues to deliver a healthier and happier lives with you, it will also continue to foster more precious moments with your loved ones.
MiraGas has always believed that food brings us all closer together, be it sitting at home for a family dinner, or grabbing a bite at your favourite restaurant. Through Rahsia Enak, MiraGas has an opportunity to reach out to people, to share delectable recipes, and food trends.

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NGC Energy


NGC Energy, a pioneer in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) solutions, prides itself as a dynamic, progressive and an innovative energy solutions provider. Through our collaboration with our parent company in Oman, we have the technical support and knowledge to raise our standards and remain as one of the leading players in the industry and continue to build further on our core values of integrity, safety and reliability.
NGC Energy

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