Healthy Mongolian Beef

Ingredients: Tenderloin cut beef Soy sauce Corn flour/corn starch Oil Garlic Ginger Chili padi Scallions/Green onions   For the sauce: Soy sauce Hoisin sauce White vinegar Sugar Water Corn flour water mixture   Cooking steps: Cut and mince garlic and ginger Cut the tenderloin into small pieces Marinate the beef slices in soy sauce and[…]

From stovetop to tummy in a jiffy!

Got a growl in your tummy that needs to be taken care of? Ran out of your freezer meals and your last resort is instant noodles? How about making a quick meal with the common ingredients in your kitchen? It’ll definitely be a healthy option to your instant noodles, plus delicious too. Here are some[…]

Know your food groups for healthy living

Healthy eating means eating a wide variety of foods from each of the five major food groups. It provides a range of different nutrients to the body, promotes good health and also helps reduce the risk of diseases. A wide variety of food also keeps your diet interesting with different textures and flavours. Imagine eating[…]