Flavourful Tom Yum Goong recipe

The blend of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fresh Thai chilies and fresh lime juice makes one of the healthiest yet most flavourful soups that will just blow you off. I’m talking about the Tom Yum Goong. Healthiest because it’s only 156 calories. Yes, you saw that right. So, if you’re looking for something healthy[…]

It’s time to turn up the heat!

Are you ready to work up some sweat? Ready to give your tongue a little zing or fiery blast? Spicy food is rich in vitamins and minerals such as fiber and vitamin A and also certain compounds that protects you from heart problems. So, if you can stand the heat, you’ll reap the benefits. Go[…]

Slurpy, saucy Jjajangmyeon

If you’re a Korean drama fan, you’ve probably watched scenes of Koreans slurping up bowls of cooked noodles doused in a dark, chunky sauce with meat and vegetables. Jjajangmyeon, a comfort food that brings delight with every slurp and a cultural icon at par with kimchi. Although a native dish in China called zha jiang[…]

Ayam Goreng Berempah

Ayam goreng or fried chicken – it’s everyone’s favourite. Crunchy and flavourful, you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into it. Every country has their own specialty fried chicken. Koreans have their crispy Yangnyeom chicken, in America you can find the Southern Fried Chicken, Germany has their Chicken Schnitzel and Japan has Karaage. In[…]

How to make Hari Raya memorable this year

The celebration of Hari Raya marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. It is a merry celebration that marks a person’s triumph and success on discipline and self-resistance which symbolizes refinement and rebirth. The excitement builds as the end of the fasting month approaches and families start to prepare for the celebrations[…]