LPG (short for Liquid Petroleum Gas) makes cooking easy, fast and economical. It is also a cleaner and more efficient way of cooking with several benefits;


Better Control

LPG is easy to control with instant on and off. That is also the reason why most professional kitchens still use gas stoves and cook with flame rather than electronic stoves. With a simple turn of the dial, the flame gets bigger or smaller so that the change in heat is immediate and precise. There’s no long wait for the pan to heat up or for it to cool down and temperatures are closer to the recommended heat in recipe books.


Even heat distribution

LPG cooks faster than any other fuel because of its high calorific value. On top of that, electric cooktops and the pans used on them need to be perfectly flat or the heat won’t be distributed evenly. The flames on a gas stove are central so that they heat pans evenly, with no cool spots.


LPG is an economical fuel. LPG stoves and burners require less maintenance as compared to other cooking forms. The costs of operating electric stoves are noticeably higher in comparison.


Safe and less waste

LPG is convenient and safe to use. It also ensures less wasted heat. As you turn off your gas cooktop, the flame is extinguished and the heat source vanishes, not so with an electric stove which continues to emit heat after it is switched off. LPG stoves also emit less overall heat than any other cooking device, thus keeping your kitchen temperature unaffected.


Environmentally friendly

Gas cooktops are far more environmentally friendly than electric ones, especially when cooking with LPG which helps reduce the greenhouse gas emission by up to 70%. This is as LPG creates the least greenhouse gas emission of all the available fossil fuels. It contains a smaller amount of sulphur, nitrogen and other particulate matters that are harmful to the environment.