What is a spice? A spice is defined as any class of pungent or aromatic substance of vegetable origin
such as pepper, cinnamon or cloves used as seasoning, preservatives, etc.

Spices has played a vital role in the lifestyles of people from certain parts of the world. Herbs and spices
have been used by many for generations as food and to treat ailments and wounds. Spices were also
used to mask unpleasant tastes and odours of food, keep food fresh, improve flavour and to provide
new tastes. Today, people are showing more interest in enjoying spices and herbs for their health

Cooking with spices and herbs not only lessens the usage of salt in the food but also enhances the taste
and depth to certain food. Spices are packed with nutrients and offer great health benefits. Let’s learn
about their usage and benefits:

1. Cinnamon

A spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum.
Woody and sweet, it is known for its warm contribution in spiced desserts and breakfast items.
Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar, anti-infection and as a hormone balancer for women. It
can also be applied on wounds or skin lesions to speed up the healing process due to its anti-
infection properties.


2. Turmeric

A deep orange-yellow powder known for its warm, bitter taste in curry. Add it to your
rice dishes, toss it with your roasted veggies or even in smoothies. Turmeric is a natural liver
detoxifier, natural painkiller and also arthritis treatment.

3. Ginger

The root or stem of the ginger plant. It is consumed fresh, dried or in powdered form.
The pungent and spicy flavour compliments Chinese cuisine. Ginger helps in motion sickness,
heartburn relief, menstrual cramps and colds.


4. Cardamom

A strong and pungent spice with a hint of lemon and mint. For maximum flavour,
use whole cardamoms instead of grounds. Cardamoms contain anticarcinogenic properties,
antiasthma properties and inhibits bad microbes.


5. Nutmeg

The partner to cinnamon, it is a spice harvested from plants of the Myristica genus. It
is often used in Indian and Indonesian cuisines and eggnog. Nutmeg relieves indigestion, bad
breath and helps the liver and kidney detox.

It’s time to stock up your pantry cupboards and spice-up your cooking and your health with some spices.