Calling all travelers with a sweet tooth. You’ve had a taste of the main courses from a few countries across Asia, are you craving for something sweet to complete your meal?

While Asia is known for their rice and noodles together with their mixture of spicy, sweet and sour taste, you should also give their desserts a go. Everyone needs some sweetness now and then. So, here are some of our favourite tantalizing Asian desserts to satisfy your cravings.

Bubur cha cha

A well-known Peranakan dessert, bubur cha cha is a coconut milk dessert that is infused with pandan leaves and contains colourful sweet potato cubes and taro. Delicious when eaten cold or warm.



Originated in Tokyo during the Meiji era, this cute fish-shaped cake is made with pancake batter cooked in a fish-shaped mould that resembles the Japanese red seabream called Tai. It’s chewier and denser than normal pancakes and is filled with red bean paste or custard.

Tau foo fa

A delicious Chinese dessert, it is made of soybean milk boiled with gypsum powder and left to cool. It then turns to a silky custard-like pudding which is tasty. Served with sugar syrup or a sweet ginger syrup, it is best served warm.

Egg tart

A sweet pastry best eaten fresh from the oven; it is an egg custard baked with a sweet pastry crust. It is popular both as a tasty dim sum or as a dessert.

Mango sticky rice

Hailing from Thailand, the mango sticky rice is a creamy and appetizing dessert that combines the saltiness of glutinous rice and the tenderness of a sweet-sour mango topped with fragrant coconut cream.



A favourite dessert amongst the Filipinos, halo-halo is a mix of beans and fruit which is topped with various mixes of condensed and evaporated milk and shaved ice.


A Vietnamese dessert, it is a sweet drink with a coconut milk base, hence its sweet flavour. It can be served either hot or cold and an array of different ingredients are used to make it, such as beans, pulses, fruit and jellies.

Shwe Yin Aye

A coconut cream dessert from Myanmar, it consists of sweet sticky rice, pandan jelly noodles and sago. It is served cold, making it a refreshing and rich dessert.