Coffee Chicken Recipe

Looking for ways to use coffee creatively? How about chicken with coffee? Sounds like a weird combination? You’ll be surprised to find that its unique flavour will win you and your family over. Try this simple yet tasty dish today and let us know how you like it. Ingredients: 500g of chicken thighs or breast[…]

Go bananas with ripe bananas!

Everyone loves bananas. It’s a versatile fruit that’s healthy, delicious and perfect for those who are always on-the-go. They also contain several essential nutrients that are beneficial for digestion, weight loss and heart health. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and manganese. They are also fat-free, cholesterol-free[…]

Diversity at its best!

Malaysia is a multicultural country and offers infinite varieties of different cuisines. It’s a gastronomic adventure for foodies and tourists alike from Indian curries to Malay desserts, savoury and spicy Peranakan and Eurasian food to the eclectic repertoire of Chinese dishes from the many provinces of China. The gastronomic adventure begins with the tantalizing of[…]