What comes to mind when you think about Italian food? Pasta? Pizza? But there’s more to Italian food than that. Italy’s lush and vast fields attributes to rich-in-flavour produce like oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, olives and grapes. From there, the blending of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, creamy cheeses, sauces and fresh herbs are used to create those mouth-watering Italian dishes loved by many.

With a strong Mediterranean influence, Italian cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients, herbs and olive oil. Dishes are simple but the emphasis is on the quality of ingredients rather than the complexity of the cooking method. It’s these characteristics that make Italian food stand out on its own.


We often think that the more ingredients, the better the flavours. Italians believe in the opposite. Simple, fresh ingredients are used to create unique dishes that are bursting with flavour. Because less is more, the flavours of each ingredient stands out on its own.

The freshness of ingredients

It’s the element that makes Italian cuisine flavourful and unique. Most Italians grow their herbs, spices and even vegetables in their homes for cooking. Garden to stove cooking ensures the freshest of ingredients used to create their dishes. It’s the reason why Italian food bursts with freshness in every bite.


It’s not about fast cooking and getting food on the table but putting your heart and soul to make each dish flavourful. This means investing time to prepare the food slowly with care to create a quality blend of flavour that’s rich in taste and texture.

Herbs and spices


Have you ever wondered why there’s a mouthwatering aroma in Italian food? It’s from the use of fresh herbs and spices. Italians love to add or garnish their dishes with them. It’s one of the reasons why pizzas you eat is different from the authentic Italian ones.

Juicy tomatoes

Do you know that Italy has three hundred types of tomatoes, with each giving a unique taste? That’s why in Italian food, there’s a distinct difference of each dish even though the same base of tomatoes is used. That’s because different varieties of tomatoes are used in the dishes.

The love of cheese


The best cheese in the world originated from Italy. From the favourite mozzarella to mascarpone to burrata, ricotta, gorgonzola and Parmigiano Reggiano, these cheeses are loved by many around the world. And each cheese adds a unique taste to Italian dishes.

Now that you know what makes Italian food different, the next time you eat Italian dishes, savour each bite to enjoy the distinct and rich flavours of each ingredient in it.