Next time you purchase coffee beans, think outside the pot. Think beyond your morning mug, and add coffee into your cooking for a robust, earthy flavour that works in everything from meat marinades to sweet syrups and butter. Yes, you can make delicious recipes with coffee besides the usual desserts and bread.

Add coffee to meat dishes

Do you know that coffee beans are bold and bitter in flavour and helps to enhance the richness in red meats? You can use coffee as a marinade or add it to the braising liquid for beef short ribs. As the dish boils down, the coffee caramelises and adds a delicious bittersweet taste to the dish. You can even stir in a little coffee to your barbeque sauce when you grill chicken.

Use it as a spice rub


Got some coffee grounds at home? Add it into your salt and paprika to give your dishes a little buzz. Make a spice-crusted roast beef or add it into your burgers or steak before grilling. Combine the coffee grounds with cocoa for a mocha flavoured rack of lamb or braised brisket. It helps to create a crispy and caramelised crust that the family will love.

Go beyond drinking coffee for breakfast

Ever thought of eating coffee for breakfast? Here’s a new way to get your additional coffee fix. Using finely ground coffee, add it into your homemade butter and you’ve got a perfect spread for your toast, breakfast pastries, croissants or English muffins. Melt the butter and drizzle it over your waffle or pancakes for that perfect pancake sauce.

Infuse your desserts and bread with coffee


If you’re the type who loves coffee, adding a little touch of coffee to your homemade breads and cakes will give a nice, rich flavour to your recipe and add a little zing to it. Bakers and dessert chefs know that adding coffee to any chocolate treat will highlight the chocolate’s flavour complexities. So, if you’re baking a chocolate brownie or cake, mix in a little coffee for a mocha approach.