You’ve picked out the perfect Mother’s Day gift and card. Now you’re left with her special meal. Why not cook something special for her at home? A homecooked meal shows that you took extra time and care to make her day a special one, something she’ll cherish and remember for years to come. Because homemade feels a little more special than eating out, isn’t it?

However, if you feel like less of a pro in the kitchen, don’t fret. We’ve got some ideas that are easy to execute yet delicious. The only thing left to make the meal more special would be a beautiful floral arrangement or table setting and you’re all set! Let’s look at some recipe ideas below.

Tomato Bruschetta

This Italian appetizer is the perfect way to capture the flavours of tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and olive oil. A healthy and refreshing appetizer, it’s simple to make and can be made ahead before serving.

Melt in the mouth chicken breast

You’re wondering why use chicken breast as it tends to be tough and dry? Well, this recipe takes care of that problem and turns it into a moist, tender and flavouful chicken. The secret lies in the topping. A delicious combo of mayo, parmesan, and seasonings that forms a nice crust over the chicken as it bakes gives you that melt in the mouth tenderness.



Nothing screams luxury than a well-seasoned and perfectly good steak that’s tender, juicy, and oozing with juices. And with the blend of garlic, rosemary, and butter, it makes it even more irresistible.


If mom prefers a lighter dinner, then salmon is the answer. Rich in omega-3s, it makes a wholesome yet delectable dinner. Flavoured with lemon and garlic and then baked, this mouthwatering meal is delicious yet nourishing for the body too.

Beef stew

A stew that features tender beef pieces, hearty vegetables, and an umami-rich broth. You can serve it up with a simple salad and sliced baguette.

Delicious side dishes

Potato wedges, glazed carrots, scalloped potatoes or even a simple garden salad with balsamic dressing will compliment the above dishes well

Going Asian with Kung Pao meatballs

If mom is more into Asian food, how about trying out Kung Pao meatballs? A simple chicken meatball dish with a little heat from dried red chillis and an addictive kung pao sauce may just hit the spot for her.



Pungent. Spicy. Savory. Sweet. These tender chewy Korean rice cakes are saucy and delicious with a pleasant explosive flavour. If your mom is a K-drama fan, this might appeal to her. You could even turn it into a drama night with mom for a chillaxing Mother’s Day.

Chocolate Pudding

With just butter, milk, and some chocolate, you can whip up a luxurious yet satisfying dessert with little effort. And it’s a perfect make-ahead dessert for Mother’s Day. Give it a try and impress mom with it.

Your dear mom deserves nothing but the best. Let her know how much you appreciate her through these sumptuous dishes.