Energy Solutions

November 22, 2016

Energy Solutions

Our extensive energy solutions and experience in the industry continue to energize the nation’s growth in every sector through our consistent supply and strong network distribution. Whether it is for home cooking, commercial or industrial usage, our wide array of products and services are well equipped to assist you in your energy needs.

What Is LPG


LPG Gas is Clean Burning Fuel with many Applications.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is Clean Burning Fuel with many applications. It is mainly used to provide central heating in homes, fuel stoves in restaurants, heat swimming pools in hotels, and help farmers and manufacturing industries. We aim to meet their lighting and power needs. LPG Gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons that are made of propane and butane, liquefied by compression at ambient temperature to enhance distribution. It is one of the cleanest fuels available and is used extensively for domestic, commercial and industrial application.

Innovative And Superior Products

As a supplier’s company that provides gas delivery and focused on providing innovative energy solutions to Malaysian consumers, NGC Energy is constantly on a quest to reinvent and discover more eco-friendly and energy-efficient products and services.

Our competitive edge ensures that our products are designed, manufactured and delivered with a world-class standard; and for the safety of our valued customers. We test our products periodically to ensure the high global standards are achieved.

Domestic LPG

Domestic LPG Gas

We will continue to serve Malaysians with the iconic Yellow Gas Cylinders, which is a mark of high quality and safety standards. Our highly trained Mira Man, together with NGC Energy, will cater to all your Energy needs; whether it is to seek vital information, support, gas delivery and solutions.
Industrial & Commercial LPG

Industrial & Commercial LPG

Being made available for different sectors, NGC Energy LPG thrives to make sure all energy solutions offering are value added to every industry. It’s a favourite for powering industrial overs, production of food, furnaces, production of packing material as well as powering forklift trucks in warehouses.

Likewise in the commercial sectors it’s a favourite for cooking and cooling equipment, space heaters, boilers and more.

F14 Forklift Gas

F14 Forklift Gas

More and more forklift truck operators are choosing F14 to power their forklift truck fleets mainly due to its cleaner fuel, resulting in lower maintenance cost for the forklifts.

nc Metal Cutting Gas

nc+ Metal Cutting Gas

The nc+ metal cutting gas offers best quality of cut, increased safety compared to other cutting gases, user friendliness as well as improved cost efficiency. The revolutionary alternative cutting gas solution is exclusively offered by NGC Energy.