Feeling under the weather? Even if you’re diligent about staying healthy, no one can escape that cough or flu bug that’s going around schools or the office. Although there’s no specific food that can cure, sometimes just a comforting bowl of soup, medication and good sleep works like magic.

It’s no wife’s tale that soup can help. It’s nourishing, restorative and light in consistency, plus does not tax the digestive system excessively. The sodium in soups help relieve sore throats while the heat clears nasal congestion and at the same time relieve pain and sinus pressure. The vitamins and minerals in nutrient-dense soups can also speed up recovery.

When you fall sick, skipping meals is not an option. But your energy level and inspiration are at an all-time low. You’ll want something that can be whipped up quickly so you can crawl back to bed again. We’ve compiled some ideas on what you can make and freeze so all you need to do is reheat for the next meals.

Classic chicken noodle soup


One of the best soups for colds, it relieves sore throats and clears your blocked nose. With its vitamin-rich veggies, it will help to boost your immune system while noodles keep you full and satisfied.

Vegetable soup

With a variety of heart-healthy veggies and herbs, vegetable soups are great for colds as they help fight fatigue that comes with cold. It also gives your immune system a boost to help you recover faster.


Instead of a minestrone soup, this is a vegetable-packed version. This soup freezes well so you can always have an easy, delicious vegetable soup anytime. You can even add chopped cooked chicken or pasta to make it more satisfying.

Apple and pear chicken soup

A traditional Chinese home remedy for cough and sore throat, it also reduces phlegm, moisten your throat while increasing the “yin” in your body. Asian pears are high in antioxidants and vitamin C which gives your immune system a boost to help you recover faster.

ABC soup

As simple as ABC, with the vitamins to back it up, this soup is comforting and simple to cook. Chicken or any meat of your choice can be used to make the meat broth while potatoes, carrots and tomatoes add colour and sweetness to the soup. Corn can also be added to this nutritious soup that is best eaten with rice.

Samgyetang (Korean ginseng chicken soup)


Get a double boost of immunity with this hearty Korean chicken soup that’s jam-packed with nutritious goodness. Thanks to ginseng, it helps to restore energy and appetite too.

Tomato egg drop soup

A speedy yet comforting rich soup, it can be made in just 10 minutes. The eggs in the chicken broth create a rich flavour that contrasts with the tart tomatoes while chopped spring onions add colour to the soup.

So, tell us which is your comfort soup when you’re unwell?