Fighting Covid-19 Together

April 28, 2020

Standing together with all Malaysians

As the country battles Covid-19, we at NGC Energy are proud to service the people of Malaysia during these times of uncertainties. For all who are in need of cooking gas deliveries, rest assured that it’s business as usual for us. For the safety of all Malaysians and their families, we are adhering to the guidelines provided by MITI to provide you with your cooking gas safely.

Daily precautionary measures during
plant operations


At NGC, providing a safe and hygienic environment for our employees is our no.1 priority. We ensure all employees are equipped with proper PPE’s and have their temperatures taken before their work day starts before sunrise.

In our efforts to combat Covid 19, we ensure that everyone complies and adheres to the guidelines provided by the relevant authorities.


All plant personnel are required to wash their hands regularly (at every hour). This is to ensure that all employees adhere to safety guidelines in keeping their hands clean at all times.


Sanitizers are placed at strategic places all over the office and plant premises. All employees are required to sanitize their hands before entering the premises. In facilitating the safety of our employees and contract staff personnel, we have provided them with surgical masks on a daily basis to ensure daily plant operations are carried out in a safe environment while fulfilling our commitments to our customers.


Our respective dealers, MiraMan and fuel truck drivers are required to adhere to strict safety guidelines provided by the authorities.

This is to ensure that all our delivery personnel are well, fit and safe for work during these times.

Daily precautionary measures of cylinders
during plant operations


Before leaving or returning to the plant, all Mira Gas & NGC Energy Cylinders will be carefully sanitized one by one. This is to ensure the cylinders are delivered to you, safe and clean.

Daily truck precautionary procedures


All pallet and haulier trucks are sanitized rigorously before leaving the plant premises. This is a precautionary action that we have undertaken so that our customers may rest easy knowing that LPG will arrive at their premises in a timely, safe and hygienic way.


All trucks big or small are required to be properly sanitized before any delivery personnel begins his / her work day. This is to ensure that all safety measures are complied with in the interest of our employee’s wellbeing.


Our trucks are meticulously sanitized and cleaned up on a more frequent basis as opposed to regular daily operations. This is to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness is maintained for your safety as well as our driver’s.


Furthermore, all MiraMan personnel are equipped with face masks and hand sanitizers when, making deliveries to restaurants and households. Face masks are required to be worn by MiraMan at all times when interacting with customers and must sanitize their hands after each delivery is made to ensure overall cleanliness.

All haulier drivers will have their temperatures taken before they are allowed into the plant.

Precautionary measures for office-based
employees during Covid-19

To ensure that our business operates as usual to support our customer’s requirements and demands, all our office-based employees are working home via phone calls or e-meeting applications. All sales teams are still maintaining close contact with our valued customers, ensuring that all of your LPG demands are met, and internal transport team are ensuring that all logistics are still working smoothly in these troubled times.

Our engineering team is still responsive to any maintenance issues or inquiries regarding your LPG cylinder or tank farm. Also, our Customer Service Representatives are still on call 24/7 for any inquiries. However, please take note to issue delivery orders between the hours of 9.00AM – 5.00PM

You have our assurance that all our employees at NGC Energy are abiding to the guidelines imposed by the Movement Control Order at home and even during their personal activities.

We Salute our Brave MiraMan


We are proud and grateful to stand side by side with our MiraMan dealers in delivering Mira Gas to all our beloved customers during these troubling times. Despite the danger and turmoil our country is facing, our front liners are still working tirelessly to provide the best possible service to homes and businesses around Malaysia.

However, at Mira Gas, we make sure that our MiraMan go about their duties with safety and hygiene in mind by providing them with surgical masks and hand sanitizers. Once again, we’d like to commend all MiraMan for their bravery and to take the utmost precautions to ensure not only the safety of our customers but most importantly, themselves.

MiraMan: Health & safety precautionary measures


  • ✔ JANGAN LAPOR DIRI untuk bertugas jika anda mengalami gejala Covid 19 – demam, batuk dan kesukaran pernafasan. Jika anda mempunyai demam, batuk dan masalah pernafasan, dapatkan rawatan perubatan awal.
  • ✔ DO NOT REPORT for duty if you have developed Covid 19 symptoms – fever, cough and breathing difficulties. If you have a fever, cough and breathing difficulties, seek medical care early.

✔ Sentiasa memakai topeng muka dan alat PPE apabila bercakap dengan pelanggan / orang lain.

✔ Always wear your face mask and PPE when you interact with customers / others.



✔ Penghantaran dan pengambilan semula tong gas hendaklah dilakukan hanya di sempadan (pintu depan / pintu belakang) premis pelanggan. Jangan melebihi dan melangkaui sempadan ini.

✔ Delivery or collection of cylinders should be carried out strictly at the boundary (front / rear gate) of the customer’s property. Do not go beyond this boundary.


✔ Selepas selesai penghantaran / pengambilan, ikuti langkah 4.

✔ Upon completion of delivery / collection, follow steps no 4.


✔ Elakkan sentuhan fizikal dengan pelanggan / orang lain. Kekal dan amalkan jarak sosial sejauh 1m. Juga, patuhi ‘polisi tidak bersalaman tangan’ (no handshake policy).

✔ Minimize physical contact with customers / others. Maintain the rules of social distancing by keeping 1m distance. Lastly, adhere to the ‘no handshake policy’.


✔ Elakkan menyentuh mata, mulut dan hidung anda sebelum membersihkan tangan anda.

✔ Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose before cleaning your hands.


✔ Sentiasa bersihkan tangan anda sepenuhnya dengan air & sabun atau pembersih tangan. Lakukan secara teliti dengan membersihkan belakang tapak tangan, antara celah jari dan di bawah kuku.

✔ Always clean your hands thoroughly with water & soap or a hand sanitizer. Be thorough by scrubbing the back of the hands, between the fingers and under the nails.