Fasting from dawn to dusk during Ramadan can leave you exhausted. During Ramadhan, the most important meal is sahur. What you eat during sahur helps you through the day, so it is not a meal to be skipped.

A balanced sahur will go a long way in keeping you energized and helps curb the feeling of hunger and thirst during the day. However, most importantly is not to overeat. The key is moderation. If one of your Ramadhan goals is to stay healthy and keep yourself full for a long time, add more superfood to your sahur. Go for nutrient-rich food with exceptional health benefits. Let’s look at some sahur food ideas to get you started.

Oats, nuts and seeds:


Oats are a great source of fiber. It helps to slow down the release of energy to keep you feeling full for longer. You can add in berries, dried fruits, roasted nuts and seeds. Best thing, you can prep this overnight, so you don’t have to cook in the morning.

Peanut butter:

An excellent source of protein, peanut butter is filled with healthy monosaturated fat and has a satiating effect. Spread it on wholegrain bread and top it with sliced bananas. You can even have sliced apples dipped in peanut butter as a dessert before fasting.



They are rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients. Eating eggs will leave you feeling full. Best thing about eggs is that they are versatile and can be served in many ways. You can poach, fry, bake, boil or scramble them. You can also make a vegetable omelette and pair it with wholegrain bread for a satisfying meal that can last for hours.

Fish and chicken :

Fish is known as a vitality-boosting food. However, try not to eat fried fish as it might cause bloating and make you thirstier. Steam your fish or lightly pan fry it instead. Alternatively, chicken contains energy yielding nutrients that can help you sustain throughout the day.

Fruits and vegetables:

Rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables will keep you feeling full and prevent constipation. They are also loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. By eating water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelons and cucumbers during sahur, it will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Remember while you are eating, take your time to chew slowly so you will feel full for a longer period and to prevent indigestion. Happy Ramadhan 2022!