Potlucks are awesome as no one has too much to do, and no one has to do it all. Everyone brings at least one thing at the party they can eat. Well, the idea is great in theory, but practically, it can be a difficult affair to orchestrate and to attend. What if the dishes clash and you end up with several fried noodles and curry chicken? What if someone brought soup and the host has no serving bowls? Here’s some ideas how you can organize a good potluck party so things can go smoothly.

A themed party

Instead of having a clash of food items, choose a theme so your guests can enjoy a variety of great dishes and drinks that are centered on a specific theme. You can even decorate your party according to the theme. Also, inform your guests about the dress code.

Be organized


Of course, a lot of organization is needed to host a good potluck party. Firstly, prepare a list of guests as you’ll need to know what everyone is bringing so there are no repeated dishes. Plus, the list will let everyone know the quantity of food they need to bring.

Stock up on the right cutlery, serving platters and plates


Potlucks are mostly done buffet style, so you’ll need enough serving dishes and supplies on hand. Make sure you get an RSVP of everyone attending. Go disposable for a hassle-free party or you’ll end up with loads of dirty dishes to wash.

Stock up on takeaway containers

The fun part about potlucks are the wide variety of dishes you get to taste. However, you’ll also end up with leftover food. Be prepared with lots of takeaway containers so your guests can bring home some of the leftovers.

Food ideas for potluck


Planning a potluck party or attending a potluck? Here’s a list of Malaysian favourites that you can bring along.

  1. Chicken curry with potatoes
  2. Sesame oil chicken
  3. Beef rendang
  4. Fried noodles
  5. Fried chicken
  6. Ayam paprik
  7. Devil’s curry
  8. Turmeric chicken
  9. Popiah
  10. Cookies, kuih
  11. Kerabu salad
  12. Satay

Lastly, remember to bring your appetite along and have fun!