As June 19 rolls around, it’s that time of the year to show your dad or father figure some extra love. For the last two years, you had to get creative with your Father’s Day celebrations, but now you can go all out and make it extra special. And for this Father’s Day, we’ve got some ideas for every kind of dad.

A DIY kinda dad

Is dad a fix-it kind of dad? Then why not tackle a task together by constructing or fixing something? It will be his kind of day that will bring him joy.

A carnivore dad

Fire-up the grill and let’s have a barbeque party so dad can eat all the meats to his heart’s content.

An outdoor dad

Bird watching, hiking, picnics, or even camping can make your adventurous dad happy.

A history buff dad

Pay a visit to the local museum and check out the artworks, sculptures and artifacts.

A movie dad

Have a movie night with dad and let him pick his movie and snacks.

A muscle-mania dad

Work out together with dad and keep dad in tip-top shape.

A fisherman dad

Your fishing enthusiast dad would love nothing more than to special day at his favourite fishing hole. If you have kids, this would also be a good time to teach the kids something new while spending the day in nature.

A foodie dad


If dad’s role models are Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver or some celebrity chef, you can try to create a meal with him. Tackling a complex recipe with dad may seem challenging, but the memories made together in the kitchen is worth a thousand meals.

A gardening dad


How about a gardening project together with dad where you can plant vegetables or other produce in your own garden? The result would be harvesting your own produce, cooking and eating together as a family.

Whatever you do for dad on his special day, he will feel loved and will be something he will remember for a long time.